RoHS for AGX Xavier 64GB

Hello Team,

We are one of the NVIDIA partners from Taiwan. For the high-memory SKU transfer plan & product development needs, we may need the RoHS documents for AGX Xavier 64GB.

Please kindly advise.

I’m checking with internal team if any ETA to share, please stay tuned. Thanks

Thanks for your promptly reply. Please keep us posted soon if there’s any update. We appreciate your support :)

We will have the RoHS doc for AGX Xavier 64GB at next week. Thanks

Thanks @kayccc . Please keep us posted if the RoHS doc is released.

The document released on Download Center , you can find it as below link:
Jetson AGX Xavier Series Regulatory and Compliance Documents (

Appreciate again your timely help, @kayccc ! This is well-received :)

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