Jetson as HTPC? not now

I make some tests for Totem, XBMC and nvgstplayer with 1080p materials from mounted NFS:

  1. XBMC - works fine with 1080p but max video bitrate is 20Mbps (sw encoding, use only one cpu core)

  2. Totem - better than XBMC. Allow decode 1080p with max 120Mbps video bitrate (sw encoding, all cpu cores). But Totem is not the same as XBMC.

a) first play:
b) second play (memory buffered):

  1. nvgstplayer - awesome, hw decoding:

a) first play:
b) second play (memory buffered):

But nvgstplayer not suitable for HTPC :( so, someone make patch for XBMC :)

Does nvidia provide documentation for their OpenMAX implementation or are developers forced to go through gstreamer? Does gstreamer use ffmpeg as a backend?

How can I install nvgstplayer?

How can I install nvgstplayer?

My R19.3 (I flashed) has this as /usr/bin/nvgstplayer. If you don’t have this, perhaps you missed the script or any one-time scripts.

I have it but I’m not sure how do I play videos using it. I tried starting it directly but nothing happens so probably its not the way to use it.

Open a Terminal window and type:

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~$ nvgstplayer -i </path_to_file/filename>

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~$ nvgstplayer --help
nvgstplayer [OPTION…] Nvidia GStreamer Model Test

Help Options:
-?, --help Show help options
–help-all Show all help options
–help-gst Show GStreamer Options

Application Options:
-u, --urifile Path of the file containing the URIs
-i, --uri input URI
-r, --gst_script Path of the file containing the Script to be used
–automotive Enter the AutoMotive Mode, to support GstMediaPlayer functionalities in NvGstPlayer
-e, --elemfile Element(s) (Properties) file
-x, --cxpr Command sequence expression
-n, --loop Number of times to play the media
-c, --audio-track If stream have multiple audio tracks, play stream with given track no
-v, --video-track If stream have multiple video tracks, play stream with given track no
-a, --start Start of the segment in media in seconds
-d, --duration Play duration of the segment in media in seconds
–no-sync Disable AV Sync
–disable-dpms Unconditionally Disable DPMS/ScreenBlanking during operation and re-enable upon exit
–stealth Operate in stealth mode, alive even when no media is playing
–use-playbin Use Playbin
–no-audio Disable audio
–no-video Disable video
–disable-anative Disable native audio rendering
–disable-vnative Disable native video rendering
–use-buffering Use Buffering
-l, --low-percent Low threshold for buffering to start, in %
-j, --high-percent High threshold for buffering to finish, in %
–loop-forever Play the URI(s) in loop forever
-t, --max-size-time Max. amount of time in the queue (0=automatic)
-y, --max-size-bytes Max. amount of bytes in the queue (0=automatic)
-b, --max-size-buffers Max. amount of buffers in the queue (0=automatic)
–disable-fullscreen Play video in non fullscreen mode (for nvxvimagesink)
-h, --drop-threshold-pct Permittable frames drop percentage, to be used with --stats (only for development purpose)
-k, --image-display-time Image display time in seconds
–show-tags shows tags (metadata), if available
–smartdimmer Enable smart dimmer for power saving
–stats shows stream statistics, if enabled
–stats-file File to dump stream statistics, if enabled
–svd (=) chain for video decoding
–sad (=) chain for audio decoding
–svc (=) chain for video postprocessing
–sac (=) chain for audio postprocessing
–svs (=) chain for video rendering
–sas (=) chain for audio rendering
–shttp (=) chain for http source
–srtsp (=) chain for rtsp source
–sudp (=) chain for udp source
–sfsrc (=) chain for file source

Runtime Commands:
q quit the application
h print help
Up Key, ] goto next track
c restart current track
Down Key, [ goto previous track
spos query for position
sdur query for duration
s seek to position in seconds, eg “s5.120”
v seek to percent of the duration, eg “v54”
f seek by seconds, relative to current position eg “f23.901”
Left Key, < seek backwards by 10 seconds
Right Key, > seek forward by 10 seconds
p pause playback
r start/resume the playback
z stop the playback
i: enter a single URI

@peba Thanks a lot! I will try it asap!


there’s a PPA with a HW-accelerated XBMC version for the Jetson TK1 on launchpad now:

Some people reported randomly missing sound over HDMI if PulseAudio is running. If you encounter this issue you can kill PulseAudio with ‘pulseaudio -k’ before launching XBMC.

All I had to do was edit /etc/pulse/ and add the following to the bottom

set-card-profile 0 output:output:hdmi-stereo

Audio on HDMI every boot now without issue.