Jetson FFMPEG as part of yocto delivery

We would like to integrate jetson cuda HW accelerated ffmpeg as part of boot2qt delivery.
My understanding is that currently jetson-ffmpeg is available in form of deb package as other jetson libraries. I tried to use similar method as with other jetson packages to fetch ffmpeg deb package, but it didn’t work. Is there direct link available for ffmpeg deb package? Or already made yocto recipe?

There’s also some repositories with patches, but those seem to be depended on multimedia-examples. Or is there repository available which has complete jetson integration? And is there plans to integrate nvv4l2dec as part of mainline ffmpeg?

For which Jetson platform and which JetPack SW?

You may download the source code on Ubuntu OS:
Hardware accelerated video playback with L4T ffmpeg - #7 by DaneLLL

And integrate it into Yocto rootfs. Please note hardware decoding is done on NVDEC engine instead of GPU.

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