Jetson Linux 35.1 适配ALC5639未出声

tegra194-audio-p3668.dtsi (7.3 KB)
tegra194-p3668-all-p3509-0000.dts (1.1 KB)





Please read through following links for issue you are facing

Below link lists possible issue and their resolution

Below link guides on how to integrate a new codec on 40 pin gpio expansion header

Below link is to overall audio setup and development guide


dmesg.txt (80.0 KB)


First, ensure pinmux is set for relevant I2S and aud mclk. Guide for pinmux setting is available at Jetson Module Adaptation and Bring-Up: Jetson Xavier NX Series — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation

Second, the dts override seems to be wrong instead use below as reference. Recompile kernel dtb and flash and check if the codec/card are being registered

/ {
	i2c@3160000 {
		rt5640: rt5640.8-001c@1c {
			compatible = "realtek,rt5640";
			reg = <0x1c>;

			clocks = <&bpmp TEGRA234_CLK_AUD_MCLK>;
			clock-names = "mclk";

			realtek,dmic1-data-pin = <0>; /* RT5659_DMIC1_NULL */
			realtek,dmic2-data-pin = <0>; /* RT5659_DMIC2_NULL */
			realtek,jack-detect-source = <7>;

			/* Codec IRQ output */
			interrupt-parent = <&tegra_main_gpio>;
			interrupts = <TEGRA234_MAIN_GPIO(AC, 5) GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

			#sound-dai-cells = <1>;
			sound-name-prefix = "CVB-RT";

			status = "okay";

	sound {
		nvidia-audio-card,widgets =
			"Headphone",    "CVB-RT Headphone Jack",
			"Microphone",   "CVB-RT Mic Jack",
			"Speaker",      "CVB-RT Int Spk",
			"Microphone",   "CVB-RT Int Mic";

		nvidia-audio-card,routing =
			"CVB-RT Headphone Jack",     "CVB-RT HPOL",
			"CVB-RT Headphone Jack",     "CVB-RT HPOR",
			"CVB-RT IN1P",               "CVB-RT Mic Jack",
			"CVB-RT IN2P",               "CVB-RT Mic Jack",
			"CVB-RT Int Spk",            "CVB-RT SPOLP",
			"CVB-RT Int Spk",            "CVB-RT SPORP",
			"CVB-RT DMIC1",              "CVB-RT Int Mic",
			"CVB-RT DMIC2",              "CVB-RT Int Mic";

		nvidia-audio-card,mclk-fs = <256>;

&i2s5_to_codec {
	link-name = "rt5640-playback";
	codec {
		sound-dai = <&rt5640 0>;
		prefix = "CVB-RT";


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