Jetson Mulimedia API in C

Hello good people,

Is there a version of this API written in C (not C++)? If it is, do You have any examples of encoders/decoders written in C?

Thank You for Your help!

The functions is implemented in classes so it is in C++. For programming in C, please check the samples:


By default the samples are built with g++ but you should be able to modify Makefile to build with gcc. May give it a try.

Well, yes, It can definitely be done → it just needs a restructure of the “Buffer” class for GCC compilation.

I was also wondering if there is a simple encoder/decoder code in C or C++ that is structured like:

  1. enc/dec_init()
  2. enc/dec() that takes a buffer (and size) to be encoded/decoded
  3. enc/dec_destroy()

The examples I found are structured around a queue and threads (to be optimized I guess) and it’s hard for me to reconstruct them for my purposes :(
Since I would like to encode/decode a live stream from the camera that provides me with raw YUV and/or .h264 buffers

NvBuffer is an important structure and it is better to keep it. So it should be impossible to develop pure C code with jetson_multimedia_api.

Yeah :(

Is there a blueprint (a step-by-step guide) that could help me implement encoder/decoder scripts on my own?

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