Jetson Nano -> Arduino over UART pins

Hello there!

I tried to communciate my Jetson Nano with an Arduino Uno clone and send AT commands over UART with pins 8-10. Ardunio can send data to Jetson with no problem but when it comes to Jetson, some characters are being lost. Like it sholud send “AT+CGATT=1” but it sends “AT+CGART=1” or “AT+CGART>p”.

I also communicate two jetsons over same UART pins and they can communicate just fine. I couldn’t resolve problem. Anyone have any ideas?

Did you disable serial console first? What group do you see from “ls -l </dev/ttyWhatEverItIs>”? If the group is dialout, then you are ok. If the group is tty, then you’re typing random text into a terminal and it is giving errors in return. Usually you would disable this within Linux via:
sudo systemctl disable nvgetty.service

Note that this will not necessarily disable serial console during bootloader stages. Once you’ve completed boot this wouldn’t matter, but if a stray keystroke is detected on serial console in boot stages, then boot might halt and drop into a shell. Should you monitor that UART with a serial console program set to 115200 8N1 during boot, and no text shows up, then likely boot stage serial console is also disabled and all is ok.

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