Two Jetson Nano UART

Hi, I have two Jetson Nano(4GB) and both of them send and get data from each other. I want to know if it’s possible to communicate using 8pin(TXD) and 10pin(RXD) on each Jetson Nano. I’ve tried to communicate with the same /dev/ttyTHS1 port on both Jetson Nano but failed. A simple description is below.

Nano 1 (ttyTHS1) → Nano 2 (ttyTHS1)
Nano 2 (ttyTHS1) → Nano 1 (ttyTHS1)

I use python(pyserial).

Thanks for reading it and hope to solve the problem. Please understand my bad English :)

hello parkmg0216,

please refer to Jetson Nano Product Design Guide, that UART on 40-pin expansion header is used as serial console.
you may try follow below steps to disable debug logs.

  1. Remove “earlyprintk=uart8250-32bit,0x70006000” from kernel cmdline
  2. Change ODMDATA to 0x14000
  3. Remove console=ttyS0 in kernel cmdline.

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