Jetson Nano B01 cant detect USB ports

I got my Jetson nano B01 to boot but i can t detect the usb ports for my wireless keyboard dongle, i need help

Thank you

Is it specific to the wireless keyboard dongle? You may try other devices such ad USB pendrive, camera, or wired mouse/keyboard.

And please provide release version( $ head -1 /etc/nv_tegra_release ) for reference.

no wired mouse is working, i am using a nano b01, sd image ( jetson-nano-4gb-jp441-sd-card-image)

please let me know what other information you need

We don’t observe the issue on Nano B01 with jetson-nano-4gb-jp441-sd-card-image. Could you try previous sd card image?
Might be an issue in the hardware board. Trying different software version can get more inforation.

didnt work, now what are my options ?

Suggest you try more USB devices and the four type-A ports on developer kit. To make sure it is a hardware issue. If the hardware is confirmed to be broken, you may go through RMA:

I think figured out the problem, its when i add up the second camera that i run into this problem, any suggestions please ?

There is bandwidth limitation of connecting multiple USB cameras to Jetson Nano devkit. Please refer to

But from your description, it looks like the cameras cannot be enumerated. We have not seen this. The cameras should be detected and enumerated but may hit bandwidth limitation and fail to be launched.

The problem comes from plugging the second FFC camera connector


There might be not enough power for your USB devices after you draw some with your FFC camera.
What are you powering the board with? Try DC jack with a beefier power supply.


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