Jetson Nano doesn't find the latest version of OpenCV

I need to get the version 4.5 of OpenCV but when I do a sudo apt get install libopencv the jetson tell me that he has the latest version which is 4.1.1. And even after I have done sudo apt update anatom reboot file not saved sudo apt upgrade the jetson tell me there is no higher version. The strange part about that is that my jetson nano is new and I have install the latest image available.
Does anyone know why ?

JetPack is based on Ubuntu/Debian 18.04 and apt-packages might be outdated.

You might want to use following script for building latest OpenCV on Jetson with CUDA support: GitHub - mdegans/nano_build_opencv: Build OpenCV on Nvidia Jetson Nano

Okay, thanks for your help !
I have installed OpenCV 4.4.0 (I verify with jtop) with the script that you gave to me but now when I want to import OpenCV on python it give me this :
import cv2
Illegal instruction (core dumped)
Do you have any idea why ?

Hard to tell, might be some incompatibility, between JetPack and OpenCV - not all versions are compatible to each other. Or some installation problem, did you install with sudo-rights?

Yes I have install with sudo right

Not sure if it helps, but you may execute sudo ldconfig -v for a try.

If the issue is still present, please consider to re-install system image and try this cript:
JEP/ at master · AastaNV/JEP · GitHub

Building OpenCV requires significant free space. Suggest use SD card >= 32GB.

So like you said I have reinstalled the system and try the script and it works !
So thank you !!

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