Jetson Nano - GPU Memory usage monitoring

I’m looking for a tool that can show GPU memory usage. I tried jtop and tegrastats, but it looks like it doesn’t show GPU memory. Or I’m doing something wrong


Jetson’s is a shared memory system, which indicates that the physical memory can be used via CPU or GPU.
So you can check the GPU memory with tegrastats directly.

sudo tegrastats


Thank you, now it makes everything clear for me

Hello @AastaLLL

  1. So, the GPU can use, say, 3 GB out of the 4GB present on Nano, when required?
  2. So, there’s no such thing as fixed GPU memory for Nano (as we say a 2080Ti has 11GB of GPU memory)?
  3. Is there a way to determine how much memory off this physical memory is used by CPU & GPU individually?


Hi sparsh-b,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks