Jetson nano kernel building failed with error

I followed the steps given in the below document to build the nano kernel but I failed at step no.13 :
jetson_nano_kernel_build.docx (1.5 MB)
The following error occurred for step no.13 of above document:
nano kernel error.txt (6.3 KB)

Could anyone please resolve this issue as I have tried many steps from internet and forums?
Thanks and regards,
Imran patan.

I guess your cross compile was not set correctly so the system is actually still trying to build for x86-64 arch but not for arm64…

Please refer to official document.

I will add that although installation differs for third party carrier boards (and there are possible differences for installation even on the NVIDIA developer’s kits), that the actual kernel build tends to be the same for developer kits and third party carrier board models (the Argus mentioned in the docx file is a third party carrier board).

Whenever reading the documentation it is important to always distinguish between native compile (directly on the Jetson; this requires lots of disk space) versus cross compile from a standard desktop PC. Most documentation is for cross compile.

Are you natively compiling, or are you cross compiling?

Hi linuxdev,
Iam natively compiling on yahboom jetson nano board and I request you to please check the above document for reference and help me to resolve the error given in text document.

I don’t know anything about what yahboom is. Is it a third party carrier board? If so, is the module an eMMC module, and not an SD card dev kit module?

If this is a third party carrier board, then it is important to know what flash or kernel software the third party makes available for download. The kernel is specific to the Jetson, and probably the source from NVIDIA works if configuration is correct, but mainline kernels would fail. Should a third party provide kernel source, then let me know the URL to download that source to look at it.

Third party carrier boards do tend to use customized device trees. In some cases the third party will have used an exact match in carrier board layout compared to the dev kit, and then they will not provide any kind of device tree modification. Device trees can be built with a properly configured kernel source, but this is not needed when building the kernel; device tree changes occur when the carrier board devices or layout changes. I don’t know yet what the changes are with yahboom.

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