Jetson Nano Object Detection Code running with low performance

I am trying to run an object detection code which uses opencv, and cvlib libraries created in a python3.11 virtual environment. I get very low frames when I run the code. But when i monitor the jetson stats using jtop I see that only CPU is getting used and GPU is getting used rarely. I have enabled CUDA and its for opencv 4.1.1 but the opencv version that I run in my virtual environment is 4.8.0. Is this the reason the performance is bad? I am new to this field. Help me out! What other things should I keep in mind to get the best performance? Thanks!

Hi @ab9hi9 ,
I request you to raise the concern on Jetson platform to get better assistance.

Thank you


After you built OpenCV with CUDA support, have you switched to using CUDA API?
Below are some examples that use GPU API for your reference:


Hey Thanks for that! I am new to this stuff. Are there any videos or tutorials that help explaining the same.


Can I get the link for the same?


You can find below for some guidance:


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