Jetson nano running Resnet model with 4 I.P cams 24 F.P.S.

Here is a video of me driving around with the Jetson nano strapped along with with 4 I.P. cameras to top of my car running the nano Deepstream resnet model at 24 F.P.S

The result looks good.
Thanks for sharing this : )


I am trying to build a 360 camera using 2 fisheye sources. The nano specs indicate that it can supports 12x CSI-2 D-PHY 1.1 but, the kit only support one r-pi v2 camera, I would like to pair that with an IP camera. Could you let me know what IP camera did you use in the video. I could not see it because of the spacers.


Here is the link to the camera and POE managed switch

The cameras are OK. I got them because they seem to meet all the requirements to connect to the Nano with RSTP

I got the Managed POE switch because I allows me to divert the max power to the 4 ports that are dedicated to the cameras.

Good Luck