Jetson Nano serial number returns different values


I need to get nano serial number and I’m getting it form

cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/serial-number

It basically works fine but sometimes when I boot nano, serial number is quite different.
For example it is usually: 14221190287990408406 but sometimes it is 4084061500000010c475

Could someone tell me why is that and what could I do to avoid this mistake? QR code on nano shows me almost the same what nano usually but it returns only first 13 chars instead of 20 (it’s 1422119028799)
I’m really confused with this situation.

Basically I need to read some number from nano to generate device ID which will be same each time I boot my nano. Where can I find number like this if serial number is not working properly?

Thank you for all advice!

hello przemyslaw.chwiala,

it’s an known software bugs that serial number did not report correctly.
could you please have a try to update dts as below,

chosen {
+		no-tnid-sn;
		fastboot-instructions = "Tap on power button to navigate menu options.\nHold down power button for 2 sec and release for selecting an option\n";

you may also check similar discussion thread, such as Topic 1056735, and Topic 1064013 for reference.

Where should I put the code you gave me?

This is part of the device tree (the docs will provide information on installing a new tree…basically this is a plain text “.dts” file, and the “chosen” block is the kernel boot parameters…this patch adds option “no-tnid-sn;”).