Some of My orin NX and Orin Nano SOM are not showing serial number in the device tree nodes

Hi Team,

I have few Orin NX and Orin Nano Soms Flashed with Jetpack 5.1.2.

When I try to read the serial number some of my som’s are having the Serial number node in the device tree and some are not having the Serial number node when the same image is flashed.

I am attaching the Image of the same and the eeprom dump. When i change the starting bit of the eeprom on the SOM’s whose serial number are not available in the devicetree with the ones I am getting the serial number.

The issues is fixed and I am able to get the serial number on the device tree.

Is there any driver patch or fix for resolving this issue as this is affecting our scalability.

Could you clarify what you are talking about in this comment? Sorry that I don’t get what you changed here. What did you change in the NG SOM?

Hi @WayneWWW

If you look at the screenshot of the eeprom dump its marked as good and bad. The Good is the one that is giving the serial number in DTB.

If you check at the starting bit row 00: 02 00 fe
In the other one it is 00: ff f3 38

If we change the ff of bad eeprom to 02 00 we will get the serial number properly in the device-tree.
ie the if I change the eeprom data of bad to 00: 02 00 38 it will work


Did you ever change the content of the EEPROM on the problematic SOM before this thread?

I mean is this module a fresh one or you have used it for a long time?

These are fresh SOM modules. We found it in around 10 or above som’s that we flashed

Could you put the module on NV devkit and share the flash log on both uart and host?

@WayneWWW Should I share the logs of both good and bad SOM’s?

The point is you need to put it on devkit and share the log I need.

Whether we need to compare logs between good and bad depend on this test result.

Thus, find a devkit to test first.

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