Module's Serial number

Hello all,

May I ask how to query the serial number of the module in the system?
We found in actual production that some models of modules can be obtained by checking the dts file.
For example:

cat /proc/device-tree/serial-number

But most of the time this file is not in the system.
We are more concerned with how to view the serial number of modules in different versions.
For now, we need to view the serial number in ORIN NX’s system

Is there any other way to check?


sorry for the late reply.
cat /proc/device-tree/serial-number should be the proper way to do it.
Can you tell under what circumstances it this file absent? (Like what L4T version/Jetson device is in use.)

I do not know under which circumstances the file will be lost, but so far, I have not found this file in the ORIN NX system.


are you using a custom carrier board?
Using a custom board usually requires the EEPROM on the carrier board to be turned off, but can you check if the EEPROM on the module itself is also turned off?

It uses our customized carrier plate.Also follow the steps below to remove the eeprom detection.

Does it mean that the serial number can be obtained without modifying the value of cvm_eeprom_read_size?

If the value of cvm_eeprom_read_size is also changed to 0x0, how do I check the serial number in the system?

In the previous test, if the value of cvm_eeprom_read_size is not changed, the system will fail to start. Therefore, the value of this attribute is changed to 0x0.

As shown below, the serial number file is not found on my system.

Looking forward to your reply.


I mean you should not turn off cvm_eeprom_read_size, and please only modify cvb_eeprom_read_size. It’s expected that you are not able to find serial number on the system as the content of EEPROM is not read at all.

Please turn it on and flash again, and also attach the flashing log and UART log if doing so cause the system to fail to boot up.

After testing. After changing the value of the cvm, the system does not have that file. If you do not change it, you do have this file.

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