Get xavier’s serial number

I had getted tx2’s serial number by “cat /proc/cmdline”,there is a item like “androidboot.serial number”.
but now In sdkmanagger with jatpack4.5.1,that way cann’t do work well, no item like “androidboot.serial number”.
I also find someone said that we can get serial number by the order lke “jetson_realse -v”, but in my system I cann’t run the order.
SO how can I get the xavier’s unique serial number,mybe that called chip UID or XXXserial number or something,
any way, Is there someone help me?

hello 327985736,

you may dump the number via eeprom. i.e. sudo i2cdump -f -y 0 0x50
please also check Jetson Module EEPROM Layout for reference, thanks