How can I check the current module version of Orin series in Ubuntu

Hi Nvidia,

In my case. I want to check the Orin module and OS SSD are matched.

I used following command to get Orin NX.

~$ cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model
NVIDIA Orin NX Developer Kit

But if I change the Orin NX module to Orin Nano module. (The OS SSD is for Orin NX)
I still get NVIDIA Orin NX Developer Kit

How can I check the Orin module version in Ubuntu?
Orin NX 16GB
Orin NX 8GB
Orin Nano 4GB

Please try to read the information in eeprom:

$ i2cdump -y -f 0 0x50 (SOM EEPROM)

Unable to read eeprom on tx2 nx board

Thanks. It can get the module number.

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