Jetson Nano SOM bring up for Custom carrier board

I had develop custom carrier board for Nvidia Jetson Nano SOM (eMMC).
I check the power supply for SOM at VDD_IN pin ,its fine around 5V.
To power on the SOM I made PWR_EN pin high of SOM, I checked SYS_RESET pin it goes high.
I kept SLEEP/WAKE pin pulled high.
Ideally I checked with Nano development board SOM when Its power ON it start debug through serial port but with my board it doesn’t work.
I am missing something.
Please guide me on this.

hello rusurya,

please access Jetson Nano Product Design Guide for reference,
in addition, if your board schematic differs from that for your developer kit carrier board, you must change the pinmux configuration applied by the software. please refer to Pinmux Changes session as see-also.

Hi Jerry,
Thanks a lot for reply.
One thing I want to understand here that suppose if we do not configure Nano SOM and put it in New carrier board and connect supply to VDD_IN pins of SOM.
As per Power ON sequence I make PWR_EN pin high and then I got SYS_RESET pin high it indicate that SOM gets power ON.
I kept SLEEP/WAKE pin high mean it suppose to be in WAKE state but on MOD_SLEEP pin I am getting low voltage state that indicate SOM is in SLEEP state.
All the other connections are OK then why SOM goes in sleep state?

hello rusurya,

what does this meant, is this a custom carrier board? had you perform flash script to burn the whole platform yet?

Hello Jerry,
Till now I have not flash script.
I took fresh new eMMC Nano SOM and try to put in carrier board.
I was expecting at least Power ON sequence should work

hello rusurya,

by default it’ll put the device enter factor recovery, even brand new Nano DevKit still need to flash to make it works. so, please flash the target with the release image.

Hi Jerry,
I was trying to adapt Nvidia Jetson Nano eMMC SOM in my customise board.
For that I refer online Jetson Nano adaptation and bring up guide.
I have generated dtsi files and I replace default files contains with generated dtsi file.
Now I want to do porting U boot step.
I guide following steps are given

Porting U-Boot

Perform the following actions in the U-Boot source code to add support for your board.

1.Copy this file to include/configs/.h:

•For original Jetson Nano, include/configs/p3450-0000.h

•For Jetson Nano 2GB, include/configs/p3541-0000.h

2.Edit the set of enabled devices and features in .h as appropriate for your board. For example, define the manifest constant CONFIG_TEGRA_BOARD_STRING:

•For original Jetson Nano, “NVIDIA P3450-0000”

•For Jetson Nano 2GB, “NVIDIA P3541-0000”

3.Copy this file to arch/arm/dts/tegra210-.dts:

•For original Jetson Nano, arch/arm/dts/tegra210-p3450-porg.dts

•For Jetson Nano 2GB, arch/arm/dts/tegra210-p3541-0000.dts

4.Edit the set of enabled devices and their parameters (e.g. GPIO and IRQ IDs) in tegra210-.dts as appropriate for your board.

You may have to add, remove, or edit nodes and properties.

5.Add tegra210-.dtb to arch/arm/dts/Makefile.

6.Copy this file to configs/_defconfig:

•For original Jetson Nano, configs/p3450-0000_defconfig

•For Jetson Nano 2GB, configs/p3541-0000_defconfig

7.Edit _defconfig to refer to your board name.

8.Edit arch/arm/mach-tegra/tegra210/Kconfig to add target config and Kconfig.

9.Copy this directory and its contents to board///:

•For original Jetson Nano, board/nvidia/p3450-porg/

•For Jetson Nano 2GB, board/nvidia/p3541-0000/

10.Edit all of the files in board/// to refer to your board name rather than to p3450-porg or p3541-0000.

11.Edit board///MAINTAINERS to provide the correct maintainer contact information for your board.

12.Edit board///.c to provide the correct PMIC programming for your board, if required.

But I am slightly confuse with the replacing files. I cant able to make out that from where I should
take .h file and where I have to put it.
Can you please guide me on above steps?
So I can able to replace those files.
Also I want to know that when we suppose to run
$ make ARCH=arm64 tegra_defconfig

$ make ARCH=arm64 dtbs
commands before porting Uboot or after porting the Uboot?

hello rusurya,

as you can see, there’re different include files depends-on Nano SOM.

you don’t need extra commands, please execute $ make within the u-boot sources path to create u-boot binary.
you’ll need to build/replace correct binary file and update the LNX partition to update u-boot image.

please check developer guide, U-Boot Customization as see-also,

Hello Jerry,
Thanks for suggestion.
I will check it and try to do the U boot customization.

Hi Jerry,
There was one issue.
When I took fresh Nano SOM (eMMC) without OS loaded and put it into the my custom carrier board and power ON it I get debug log on UART2 port.
But same Nano SOM when I flashed with image (load the OS) and then put it into the my custom carrier board and power ON its not giving debug log.
But when I put this Nano SOM on Nvidia development carrier board I get debug log.
It may the chance that what pinmux I configured for my custom carrier board is not correct.
But for time being I kept all peripherals off and powered only SOM.
I took debug port and most of the peripheral interfaces similar to Nvidia development carrier board.
Do you have any suggestion on this?

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