Jetson nano turn off on random time

I’m using external 4A 5V power supply.
When I plug barrel plug into Jetson nano power port for a while fan is spinning. It’s ok.
When I type sudo jetson_clocks fan is not working and system is down.
I’ve done updating jetpack to latest jp461 but nothing happened. Jumper for barrel cord power supply is settled.

By default only enabled fan if higher than high celsius .
In idle with less <¿40-50? no fan auto working for my experience .
You can control using some python script GitHub - Pyrestone/jetson-fan-ctl: Automagic fan control for the Nvidia Jetson Nano

sudo apt install python3-dev

and run

sudo ./

In ```
sudo nano /etc/automagic-fan/config.json

FAN_OFF_TEMP = Minimal temperature enable by default this script is 20 .
FAN_MAX_TEMP = Máx rpm fan enable by default is 50 .

It’s the same by manual write sudo echo 0 to 255 > /sys/devices/pwm-fan/target_pwm see Installing PWM Fan Setup on Jetson Nano 4 or 2GB

Hi. Thank You for reply.
I’m concern why nano b01 is suddenly turn off.
After update to jp461 and turning on jetson_clocks after few seconds nano down.
I was thinking it is problem with fan but no. In jtop I can manually control fan. No problem.
Then I made apt update. Still self shutdown nano. I’m installed visual studio code.
Even without rebooting I compiled jetson-inference library by dusty.
I think something is wrong with my soft because nano is self down after longer lime as at beginning.
Even without set jetson_clocks nano self shutting down after few minutes or so one longer time.
Are any logs to check what is causing this issue ?

hello markopo,

please setup a terminal and gather the complete kernel logs for reference, $ dmesg --follow

log.txt (60.7 KB)

In attachment is included log.
Please check it.


hello markopo,

I don’t see any suspicious kernel failure to crash the system.
this may due to hardware issues, could you please see-also Power supply considerations for Jetson Nano Developer Kit for reference,

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