Jetson nano cooling fan

Hello all!!!

I recently bought the jetson nano developer kit, and along with the kit I had also but a 40mm x 40mm, 4 pin configuration cooling fan. I had plugged the pin into the dedicated cooling fan port in the nano. But, there were no signs of the cooling fan working. Later, following a few youtube videos and blogs, I found that the code “sudo jetson_clocks”, was used to power up the cooling fan at maximum speed. I even tried this code, but I ended up with the fan not working.

Can anyone say how to solve this issue, or if there are any configurations like certain packages to be installed for this cooling fan, can you kindly say, them.

I am a beginner with working on Linux, and I would like to know how to set up the cooling fan. Happy learning.

Thanks in advance,

This might help…

Thank you @rreddy78. I will try this out. Hope it works too!!!