Jetson nano.. Wants to reduce the lag while capturing the video from IP cam.

Hello everyone,
I am using jetson Nano for face recognition. Using OpenCV for capturing video.n RTSP protocol for Ip camera. when I run the code on GPU , it works very well…but I wanted to use jetson nano for that…I am new in this field. I have the following question:

  1. if I use GStreamer, will it reduced the lag in capturing frame?
    2)if yes,what is the procedure to use GStreamer in OpenCV?
    this is the code line where i am capturing the video from IP cam.
    cap = cv2.VideoCapture("“rtsp://admin:admin1234@
  2. if no, then what will be the right thing to do reduce that delay…Delay is around 10 sec.

On Jetson Nano, we suggest you use DS4.0.1:

Here are usecases of running RTSP source:

Please check and try.

i installed the gstreamer in jetson nano. to check wheather it is properly installed, i played mp4 video using gstreamer.It works well.

I already have code in which i used opencv to capture the frame fron IP cam .It is running well
Instead of that i wants to use gstreamer to capture frame from IP cam…I dont know how to made a url using gstreamer, let me know.