Jetson Orin Nano - use GPIO6 as GPIO pin and not CAM_MUX_SELECT

We’ve got a custom carrier board for Jetson Orin Nano that does not include cameras. We have pin 130 = GPIO06 = GPIO3_PCC.03 that we’d like to use as a generic IO. The DTS appears to have this pin set up the way we’d like, but it seems to be dedicated for camera mux selection in the dev kit somewhere.

Is this understanding correct, and is there some way to enable generic IO control of this pin? For example, is there a camera service or overlay we can turn off?

This appears to be similar to another forum post here

If the solution is the same, in what file do I find:
#define CAM_I2C_MUX TEGRA194_AON_GPIO(CC, 3)

Hi alex434,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Do you mean the following pin?

It seems it is configured as GPIO output/low by default.

You could run the following command and check if any driver is using this pin.

# cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio |grep PCC.03

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