jetson tk1 and usb issues

i recenly flashed my tk1 board with R21 and it seems like the micro USB port isn’t working any more. I connect any device to it and no response, no power at all. have you had this problem before? if so, is there a way to revive this port? it’s the micro usb2/recovery port.

on the other hand the USB 3.0 port is fine however, when i use 4 port usb 3.0 hub it doesn’t seem like it’s using usb 3.0 .

I’m running gnu radio on tk1 and usrp that i have needs to run on usb3.0 (B200) and i want to free up the usb3.0 port so i can hook directly usrp into that port (because with usb3.0 hub it operates at usb2 mode which doens’t give me adequate bandwdith), so i need usb2/recovery port to be turned on so i can connect my keyboard and mouse to that port and i’m getting neither options so i’m really stuck here. please let me know. thanks.

I have not installed R21.1 yet, nor USB3, it’s hard for me to test. What do you see for “root hub” from the output of “lsusb”? So far as I know in all of the earlier releases configuration was required to get USB3, and I do not know if the full sized USB port was capable of USB3. The tegra124 chip itself certainly is.

lsusb says usb2 hubs, etc. no usb3 whatsoever, i have been doing a lot of searching and the quick answer is to reflash the whole thing with odmadata(?) set to usb3 , because it’s set to usb2 by defautl, why??? this is going to be painful because it took days to install gnu radio and i have to go through it again.

i’m using jetkit that came with r21 it seems handy but i’m not sure how to change these values.

i want to increase my partition which is also default to 8gb, i want it to be maximum, 14gb. do you or anybody konw how to set this in tk1-jetson.conf file?

bottom line: want to reflash, set to usb3, increase partition to 14gb and use jetkit, where to modify in the jetkit configuration? thanks

i just reflashed using and set usb3.0 enabled. and it still sees usb2.0. anybody konw why this is? odmdata was set to usb3.0 and flashed. this is really frustrating

The procedure for enabling USB 3.0 is different on L4T 19.3 vs 21.1. For 19.3 you set the appropriate OMDATA, for 21.1 you change /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf.

You can see more of the discussion here:

There’s also a blog post and video available for setting up USB 3.0 on 21.1:

you;ve got to be kidding me. that’s it??? i have a usb 3.0 hub and when i do lsusb it not lists as

Bus 002 device 001: ID 1d5b:0003 linux foundation 3.0 root hub

is this correct?

it also lists several other devices that are connected to that same hub such as my keyboard and mouse but they’re listed under Bus 001 . finally under Bus 003 it says linux foundation 2.0 roothub. so why do i still see 2.0 root hub along with 3.0 root hub? thanks

There are two HUBs on Jetson. The micro and full-sized connectors are independent.