Jetson TX1 HDR10 Output on HDMI


We have a requirement to implement HDR10 output using Tegra TX1 over HDMI.
We chose Tegra TX1 since we have seen Nvidia Shield TV supports HDR10.

We are using Jetson TX1 for development.

As first step we’re trying to enable YUV420 10-bit, YUV444 10-bit and YUV422 10-bit.
First hurdle is that the HEVC decoder outputs only 8-bit even for 10-bit input.
We are proceeding with this deficiency assuming we could circumvent this with colour space conversion in the GPU shader.

Unfortunately we could not confirm whether 10-bit is supported from Tegra TX1 TRM (Tegra_X1_TRM_DP07225001_v1.1p.pdf).

In the Display Controller section of TRM (24.3.5, p 2001), there is a table listing the surface formats supported by the device. This list doesn’t mention any of the 10-bit formats.

HDR10 requires support for ITU-R BT.2020. But TRM mentions support for Bt.601 and Bt.709 only. (24.1, p 1985).

HDR10 requires HDMI 2.0a support; could not confirm if Tegra TX1 supports this specification.

Another point from TRM is that Serial Output Resource (SOR 1) can be configured as HDMI and TRM specifies its capabilities when configured so, as:
24-bit RGB and 24-bit YUV444 (HDMI) pixel formats (YUV444 is mostly for 1080i support)
(TRM 27.2, p 2213)

We’re using L4T 24.2.1
Could anyone please confirm if 10-bit output is possible on Jetson TX1 hardware so as to support HDR10?

Hi RajkumarIgnitarium,

The HDR-10 is not supported on TX1, also deep color mode (10-bit/12-bit) over HDMI is not supported.


Hi kayccc,

Nvidia Shield TV also uses Tegra TX1.
Could you please explain how this product is supporting 10-bit colour and HDR10?


Hi RajkumarIgnitarium,

“Deep color” was a limitation of TX1 hardware that was many efforts to enable on GPU in Shield/Android, but no equivalent exists for L4T.

We’re evaluating the effort for this feature, but there is no clear schedule yet.