Jetson TX2のデータシートを探している (looking for datasheet)

I’m looking for a Jetson TX2 datasheet.
Can anyone please tell me the public location?

There is one more thing I would like to know.
Is the usage of the CSI interface different between TX1 and TX2?

Please tell me

Please find TX2 documents from:

Hello, kayccc

I couldn’t find the documentation I needed in the download center.
The information I need is a register map related to the TX2 CSI configuration.
For TX1, you can find information in the following documents:
The TX2 version of “Tegra_X1_TRM_DP07225001_v1.3p” is required.
Which document is applicable?

Where to find the document
please teach me

As a result of searching, I arrived at this.

Because the architecture around the processor is different
The register map is very different between TX1 and TX2.
Therefore, I am disappointed that it cannot be simply compared.