Jetson x1 as a multi-task gpu?

Hi !!
I was wondering if i could use Jetson x1 as a multi-task gpu. I would like to run 2 or more applications in the same time. Do i have this ability? If i do, is there any reference to help me how to learn abaout it and how to do it?

Hi Sinay,

Not sure if is what you’re looking for?

Hello vicky! Thainks for your answer.

I saw that Multi-Process Server concerns only Kepler-based GPUs. Jetson x1 is a Maxwell based GPU. So Jetson x1 cannot be used as a multi-task gpu?
My aim is to achieve a spatial multi-tasking of 2 or more applications in the same time in my gpu? How could i do it? I have to control the resourses of every applications(number of SMs,memories and etc).I know tha i need to learn many things about it but i would like to know:
a)if i have a gpu (jetson x1) that support all these
b)if not, what GPUs supportall these (Kepler based only?)
c)references to introduce me in this field (Is the refernce you post me enough?)

Thaink you and sorry for the many questions!

Hi Sinay,

I’m not an expert on this. But maybe you can look for this answer in “CUDA Programming and Performance” board (
For example, not sure if is a similar topic.

Ok! Thaink you vickyy!