Jetson Xavier AGX Self Reboot(Crash) after 1 or 2 hours while Inference

We have Jetson Xavier AGX with Jetpack 4.4, While inference or working with PyCharm, AGX starts self rebooting(Crash) sometimes without opening any software. I am unable to find the exact reason behind it. So for the same can you help. You can ask for more info if required.

Temperature: 34-39C
Power Mode: 30W All
RAM Consumption: Approx 8GB
GPU Consumption: 20 - 99% (While Inference)
CPU Consumption: 20 - 65%(8 cores)
Free Space: 5.6 GB

Note: Power never fluctuate, AGX connected with ZED2 camera through USB Hub(with Power adopter)

Maybe your problem is related to the one I had with AGX freeze in MAXN mode…?


Could you share the logs in dmesg and /var/log/kern.log with us first?

Latest Info:
dmesg.txt (78.4 KB)
kern.log (1.5 MB)

For live monitoring (tegrastats & dmesg --follow) purpose I had taken ssh of AGX on another system, so below is terminal output stored in txt files

agx crash dmesg.txt (74.8 KB)
agx crash tegrastats.txt (149.5 KB)


Thanks for sharing the log.

It seems GPU and some CPU is highly used right before the reboot.
Could you share the steps to reproduce this issue with us?


I am just start ZED2 camera using ROS and instance segmentation inference


Could you share more details about how to reproduce this issue in our environment?

For example, what kind of instance segmentation inference do you use?
Could you share a runnable with us?

More, could you test if this issue also happens with a non-stereo camera and JetPack BSP?


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