Jetson Xavier combined with GPU

Hello everyone,

in one of the Keynotes presenting the Jetson Xavier it was presented that the PCIE slot can used for an additional GPU. I have a few questions about that.

  1. Which kind of GPU can be combined with the Jetson Xavier?
  2. How do i power the additional GPU? A normal GPU in a computer needs additional power sources
  3. How do i combine the Power from the Xavier with the additional GPU? Can i just use one or both of them?

Would be interesting to hear your thoughts and experiences about that.


Hi betznxqsv, support for dGPU with Jetson AGX Xavier will be enabled in a future sw update, please see this FAQ:

We are in the process of planning the specifications and compatibility of how the power distribution will work with the devkit.

Note that for deployment, we anticipate embedded Quadro or Tesla MXM’s being deployed by users, so a customized or 3rd-party ecosystem carrier for Xavier module + MXM would be able to power the MXM site as it normally would per the MXM specifications.

If one were to build a board with the embedded Tesla MXM and provide power correctly, and connect it to the Xavier’s PCIe, would the CUDA drivers work? i.e. is it just a hardware issue or will the driver need to be updated as well?

Hello dusty,

Is there any updates regarding this?

Do you have recommendations if I want to install a dGPU as well as an external SSD to the AGX Xavier?

Thank you.

Hi @mahmoud.serour, we don’t have an update on dGPU support, sorry about that. For SSD, it’s recommended to mount an M.2 NVME module (the devkit has one underneath the module)

it is also possible to use PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 ssd drives if you have these; they are less compact though.


Is V-NAND SSD 970 Evo Plus NVMe M.2 compitable with Xavier?

yes, folks reported these modules to work with Xavier both pro and evo plus :