Jetson Xavier Nx - Cuda toolkit

Hi guys, I have Jetson Xavier Nx. I’m working on a project that using Yolo. My program need Torch & Torchvision . I already installed torch>=1.7.0, torchvision>=0.8.1
but when I run torch.cuda.is_Available() is returning False. Older Cuda versions working fine but I need 1.7.0 or newer versions.
How could you help me?

Hi @hisisman3, if you installed PyTorch/torchvision from pip (or if installing a yolo package from pip pulled those in as dependencies), then the torch wheels from PyPi aren’t built with CUDA enabled. These PyTorch wheels were built with CUDA enabled:

There are also instructions in that post for building torchvision with CUDA. First you should pip3 uninstall torch torchvision to remove the versions that don’t have GPU acceleration.

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