Torchvision is not supported?

ERROR: torchvision-0.12.0a0+9b5a3fe-cp38-cp38-linux_aarch64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform.


It looks like the package is built for Ubuntu 20.04 rather than JetPack 4 which is 18.04.
You can build TorchVision from the source. Steps can be found in the below topic:

> Installation > torchvision


I have tried the methods mentioned in it, but it didn’t work, Whether there is a link to the “wheel file” available

@djqabcdefg we don’t have pre-built torchvision wheels for JetPack with CUDA enabled, although you can use the l4t-pytorch container which comes with PyTorch+torchvision pre-installed.

What is the error you got when trying to build torchvision?

I have already installed a low version of torch(1.10) and the corresponding torchvision(0.11)

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