Jetson Xavier NX dev kit education discount

Hi everyone!

I’m looking to see what accessibility option their are for the Jetson Xavier NX.

Prior to the launch of the Xavier NX, the TX2 existed at the $400 price point with an available $100 discount for buyers from qualified institutions. The Xavier NX is now at the same $400 price point and I was wondering if something similar was available today or planned for the near future. to get the performance I need for a student project, I’m currently looking at having to create a cluster of nano’s [assuming a proof of concept works out] and that doesn’t seem like the best option for a bunch of reasons, from power consumption, to requiring a much larger enclosure, added latency/overhead etc.



Hi @felix.leclair123, there isn’t a discount available for the Jetson Xavier NX, sorry about that. Perhaps some others from the community may be able to share their experiences with creating clusters. Good luck with your project!

That’s unfortunate!

Was hopping that something was in the works! would have loved to be able to get one in for my university design team!

Oh well, thanks anyway! here’s hopping that something comes down the pipe!