Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit USB Port


I have a question about Xavier NX Dev Kit USB Ports.

I looked for about the speed of USB 3.1.

According to the data sheet, it says 10GBP speed would come out, but when i try with this, the speed doesn’t work with 10gbps.

I checked the carrier board data sheet and the USB is composed as USB hub.

Is this problem because of USB hub?

I need to use more than 6gbps.

what if i develop my own carrier board, would it work 10gbps with USB 3.1 hub?

please advice me with the solution that you could suggest me.

When you have any devices attached which you are wondering about, run the command “lsusb -t”. Then post that here to the forums.

FYI, if a higher speed port detects a lower speed device, then it can only operate at the lower speeds. If the device in question is a HUB, then everything from that point on is demoted to the lower speed.

In the past, up to USB2, one controller would control anything USB2, USB1.1, or USB1.0. Now you might see a dedicated USB3 controller which migrates slower devices to a USB2 controller (even if you plug a slower device into a USB3 port the tree list from lsusb might show the device plugged in only to the USB2 root_hub).