Jumbo Packets mismatch inquiry

The following event log occurred in my Windows 10.

According to the configuration under the “Jumbo Packets” advanced
property, the MTU configured is 4092. The effective MTU is the supplied value + 4
bytes (for the IPoIB header). This configuration exceeds the MTU reported by OpenSM,
which is 2048. This inconsistency may result in communication failures. Please change
the MTU of IPoIB or OpenSM, and restart the driver.

To solve this problem I checked the MTU value.
MCX555A-ECAT JumboPacket: 4092
SB7800 Port #11 MTU:4K

The port of the switch connected to the server was set to MTU4096, and the adapter was also normally set to 4092.
How can I find out what problem causes this message to continuously appear in Windows Event Viewer?


Please see the following: