Kali Linux - 2019.2 - Nvidia drivers issue resolution scale doesn't work like nouveau drivers - ASUS GX501GI -

installed KALI Linux 2019.2 version updated the nvidia drivers as mentioned in the following link


post installation the default resolution scale (1) which made things look like 1366x768 resolution everything is bigger (but resolution locked to 1920x1080 no other option to choose that’s fine)

The operating system and most of the applications looks larger in size which looks like from this resolution 1366x768 but browsers appear as how they appear in 1920x1080 resolution.

before installing Nvidia drivers default Nouveau drivers displayed everything in 1920x1080 resolution it looked well but brightness cant be adjusted it looked like fixed even if i move the slider for the brightness it is not changing anything because of this problem i installed the nvidia drivers.

after Nvidia driver installation brightness adjustment works well but the resolution scale default is (1) which made things look larger then changed to 1.1 it looks better but still everything is bigger in the screen reasonable portion is occupied for start menu, notification not annoyingly large like the (1) resolution scale

does anyone have any solution what should be tweaked in the linux (nvidia drivers part) to get the best 1080p look which appeared in Nouveau drivers.

Attached images of how it appeared in Nouveau drivers

image 1, 2

how it appears in Nvidia drivers with resolution scale 1.1

image 3, 4, 5

ignore the theme transparency - the window appearance, notification panel and start menu which are not small like 1080p they are appearing a bit larger like the low resolution system

I’d suspect this is about fractional scaling on Wayland vs. Xorg.