Keras vgg16 model to try/engine

his @Morganh

I am having a trained Classification model VGG16 … which I have trained in keras. its extension is .h5.
How can I convert it into .trt or .engine file so that I can use it on Jetson Nano for running predictions.
Any help will be appreciable?

Please run TLT classification network. Set it as the pretrained model.
Then get tlt model and etlt model, and use tlt-converter to generate trt engine.

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ok thanks I can try this .

it throws error
NotImplementedError: Invalid model file extension. /workspace/tlt-experiments/classification/pretrained_resnet18/tlt_pretrained_classification_vvgg16/vgg_16.h5
do I need to rename the extension as .hdf5 from vgg_16.h5.
is it the right way ?


Officially TLT provides the pretrained model in Open Model Architectures — Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0 documentation

For your case, you can can rename it to .hdf5 and retry.

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Any clue about this .

at the time of training in keras
keras version is 2.4.3
and tensorflow version is 2.4.1

tried but did not get any solution for this .

So, your pretrained model is not compatible with TLT.
Please use the pretrained models in ngc.

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got it thanks .