[Kernel Panic] Bluetooth/BLE pairing fails


For one of my projects I am required to connect using BLE a Jetson Orin AGX to a mobile device. Because the end goal is to establish a connection without having to input any pairing codes, on the Orin AGX a NoInputNoOutput agent was registered. After setting up a generic BLE service and advertising it, I used my mobile device and a BLE Scanner app to connect to the Orin. After hitting the connect button on the phone, a pairing system pop-up appeared.

The moment I hit the Pair button on my phone, the Orin encountered a Kernel Panic.

Tools Prerequisites:

  • iPhone with iOS 16.3.1
  • BLE Scanner iOS app
  • Orin AGX/NX with bluetooth adapter and antenna running Jetpack 5.1.1

How to reproduce

  1. Start Orin and make sure the Bluetooth is ON
  2. Create a new terminal window and type sudo dmesg -w - this is used for logging
  3. Create a new terminal window and type the following:
agent off
agent NoInputNoOutput
menu advertise 
uuids 0x180D
appearance 833
name heart_test
discoverable on
advertise on

After typing these commands, the expected output should be the following

Advertising object registered
UUID: Heart Rate(0x180D)
Tx Power: off
LocalName: heart_test
Appearance: Heart Rate Belt (0x0341)
Discoverable: on
  1. Open the BLE Scanner app on the iPhone
  2. Find the Orin device and tap on the ‘Connect’ button
  3. Wait for the connection to establish
  4. When the pairing pop-up appears, tap on “Pair”

Attached you can find the dmesg and the bluetoothctl logs.

dmesg.log (79.2 KB)

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Here’s the bluetoothctl logs
bluetooth.log (6.9 KB)

Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

Hi mr.amikid,

We follow your steps and try on AGX-Orin and iPhone.
Confirmed we can’t reproduce your issue.
We can pairing and connect success without kernel panic.
Please try re-flash your AGX-Orin and try again.

Hello! @carolyuu @kayccc I flashed with JP 5.1.1 following instructions from here, nothing else installed after flash and I got the same result as described above. Also I was able to reproduce it with an iPhone running OS 16.1. Remember I encounter the same issue starting with JP 5.1, and this also reproduces on Orin NX modules.

Sometimes the pairing prompt is not shown on iPhone, however after about 40 seconds the same Kernel Panic occurs. Can you help me further investigate this?

Hi mr.amikid,

Please provide uart log for check.

Here’s the log. If you want me to log something else, please let me know.

btmonlog_202306131.log (28 KB)


It looks like you don’t know how to dump log. Please follow this page to dump uart log from micro usb port.

Here it is:

putty_2023_06_15_165906_.log (95.8 KB)

Hi @WayneWWW , @carolyuu, @kayccc!

Hope you’re all doing well. Just wanted to check if there’s any news on that issue I’ve been having. It’s kind of holding up the project I’m working on at the moment.

Any help you could give would be awesome.

Thanks a bunch!

Hey @mr.amikid! I am experiencing similar problems when I am trying to establish the connection between an iPhone and my Orin NX device. Did you solve this already?

Our team is investigating this issue, will have the update soon. Sorry fo the late response.

I am experiencing similar kernel panic issues when trying to connect to a BLE peripheral. Running NVIDIA Jetpack 5.1.1 on my Orin NX and Orin Nano. This problem doesn’t seem to exist on my Xavier AGX.

can you all try the proposed fix here? Internal Error from Kernel When Connecting a Bluetooth Device - #25 by Eric567

Requires a kernel rebuild.

@mr.amikid @raduspenciu_93 @mchandrasekaran

Hello! For now it seems that the pairing successfully works. I will test extensively in the following days and post the results here.

Sorry for the lates response, our team is reviewing the change to see how to correct this error.
Status will be updated at Internal Error from Kernel When Connecting a Bluetooth Device - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Orin Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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