Kernel Profile - records not generated

I’m having some difficulties profiling some kernels. If I try to do a “Kernel Profile - PC Sampling”, all I get back is an error message saying:

"PC sampling records were not generated by the profiler. The period used for the sampling was 127[2^7] cycles. Consider reducing the period under Settings->analysis tab. The allowed values are from 5 to 31.

I can’t seem to find what it’s referring to by “Settings->analysis” I’ve got a “Window->Preferences”, which is mostly for general eclipse things. It has a minimal NSight section with nothing related to profiling. I’ve also got a “Run->Profile Configurations…” which has a “Profiler” tab, but not with any detailed options and nothing relating to any sampling periods.

I’m not sure where else to look. I’m running Nsight Eclipse Edition Version 10.0, installed on an Ubuntu 18.04 system and configured to do remote execution on a Jetson AGX Xavier system. So far building, running, debugging, and basic profiling all work fine. I’m just not sure how to tweak this particular setting as the error message recommends.

Try using visual profiler: