Kriging interpolation with CUDA

Hi all, I am interested in Kriging interpolation CUDA code. Does anyone know where can I download such code? I need it to use as post-processing PIV filter. Before I used Matlab MPIV toolbox, which requires Matlab Dace toolbox It is not hard for me develop CUDA code for the first one (MPIV), but I don’t want to develop Krigling’s interpolation (second), because it is really time-consuming. I found a lot of articles on Kriging interpolation with CUDA, but didn’t find any code.


A quick look at Wikipedia seems to indicate that there are many different variants of kriging. It might narrow the search if you would let people know which variant(s) you need for your use case.

I want to find any Kriging
global void krigingSimpleKernel_2d();
global void krigingSimpleAnisKernel_2d();

Nice code find, I was looking for something like this recently…

While I have not compiled it yet, that code seems rather easy to follow…

This guy has a code style similar to my own, minimalist and dense. LOL

Needs to be updated for the new architectures.

Thanks, that is really better, than I found on Github