labSentinel - Automated supervision of LAB Equipment

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I made a small project / proof-of-concept with the goal automated supervision of old lab equipment. Working in the aerospace sector, we got a lot of extremely expensive and old equipment which cannot always be replaced easily. Most of these pieces of hardware working an old attached computer running some kind of GUI - but do not have modern logging & reporting capabilities, cannot be upgraded and also not networked due to security issues arising from the old operating systems and software. To still allow modern reporting and supervision, a video grabber is attached to the (mostly VGA, but sometimes DVI) connections. Jetson along with the Jetson Inference software is used to learn “good” and “bad” states of the system. The project is able to inform about the states via MQTT, which can easily be integrated into any solution. If something goes “south”, it is able to cut power to the equipment via remote switchable power outlets.

All infos in the repo:

A short video showing the system:

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