Library to use with Cuda 10.1 on VS 2019

Is there someone who knows witch library we must indicated in the project properties
to works with cuda and C++ class ?


I looked at one of my projects and it adds cudart_static.lib and freeglut.lib as additional libraries to link. The rest are determined by various pragmas so they are added automatically.

I would try to build a CUDA sample app or two and make sure they compile, link, and run. Then copy their settings into your project. That has been working for me.

it’s exactly that.

The library tu use are defined in the function use.

I have do the sam thing that you have done:
using a Cuda sample to find the library witch must be use.

However, I regret the lack of documentation between the libraries to use
and the features used in the code.

However, I had a nice surprise with Visual Studio 2019,
where it says missing * .h statements,
but this is not the library to link.

Thanks for your help.