Link dstexample to Messageconverter + Message broker sink

Hi, I just want to do some alarms infos in dstexample and send that with Messageconverter + Message broker sink.

But the order in deepstream would be two wayts with tee:
1)“Messageconverter + Message broker sink”
2) “dstexample”

It seems like the dstexample works like a sink.

How could I arrange dstexample and “Messageconverter + Message broker sink” in order?

dsexample is a filter plugin, why you think it’s a sink plugin?

Just to understand, you are attempting to add metadata to the buffer, which you then want to send with message broker?

Why do you need a separate element to do this? The deepstream reference application uses a probe function to add metadata to the buffer.

sry, I just rearrange the order of deexample, it works now.

Best wishes!

Yes, I want to use deepstream app to run the pipeline like:

It’s a smalll mistake. thank you for the reply.