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Welcome to the Jetson AGX Xavier forum! Here is a collection of links & resources available for Jetson AGX Xavier:

Platform Documentation & Design Files

Above is a partial list of documents. Please visit the Jetson Downloads Center for the full list available for Jetson AGX Xavier.


Would you have a timeline of when the other Jetson Xavier documentation will be released (especially supported component list, thermal design guide, module data sheet)?

Hi Haidee, the SCL will be published shortly. The Thermal Design Guide will be released in the coming weeks, and the Module Data Sheet has already been released here.

Hi Dustin,

Did you just pull your new blog?

Saw the link on But the link was invalid. But Google cached it. :-)

Hi vanc, stay tuned for the blog, we just posted JetPack 4.0 EA though, kicked off shipments of pre-orders, and posted these new docs:

Hi everyone, here is the new eLinux wiki for Jetson AGX Xavier:

Hi NV people

i can’t download L4T Jetson AGX Xavier Driver Package from download center.

Hi etta, our sw downloads server is currently down, we are working to get it back up today.

Update: the JetPack server has been restored. We refreshed the CDN, so if you have problems downloading, please clear your browser cache or try incognito mode.

The TRM is not yet out, but is there a reference somewhere with the base address of the GPIO controllers (something useful for conversion of carrier board pins to “/sys” numbering)?

Hi linuxdev, Section 3.3 Table 18 of the Carrier Board Spec gives the module pin names for the GPIO connections on the devkit. Then Section 22 Table 90 of the OEM Design Guide maps the pin names to the SoC signals. Does that provide you with the info you need?

I was missing the table 90 of OEM guide…this will probably help (I’ll know in a few days).

when will the document “Jetson AGX Xavier Camera Module Hardware Design Guide” released?

Hi sunzhongmeng, please refer to this post:

when can we expect “L4T C-boot Source” for Jetson AGX Xavier?

Hi d.kristofic, we are preparing for the release of the C-boot source relatively soon, stay tuned.

Hi all, we’ve posted another round of docs for now:

The following assets have also been updated:

Hi everyone, the Xavier SoC Technical Reference Manual (TRM) has now been posted!

Hi d.kristofic, the C-boot source for Xavier has now been posted here:


Where can i found the Jetson AGX Xavier Voltage and Current Monitor Configuration document?
Is it already available?