Xavier carrier board design guide (Solved)

Does anyone know when this would be available? Is there an offical pinout of the module?

Hi daverobbins, the Jetson Xavier OEM Design Guide will be posted shortly (including the pinout).

Note that the Jetson Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board Design Files are already live, if those are of use to you.

OK. Please post when available.

Hi daverobins,

The Jetson Xavier OEM Design Guide was posted, here is the link:


I wonder how can I reach this document by entering into the site and clicking on links - which ones to follow?
Tried reaching https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc but there were a lot of links which as a beginner I couldn’t know which to use

Hi ishay19bch,

Not sure what you’re looking for is SW or HW documentations, you can use the filter to sort our those docs for Jetson AGX Xavier.


I’m new to Nvidia site, and seems that I was not logged-in when tried to access one of the links, and was directed to the main site.

Now I can access all. Thanks.