linux and NVCUVID


I’m new here. I’ve found a very interesting presentation of CUDA ( There is description of the library NVCUVID, which should be able to use hardware acceleration for e.g. h.264 etc. It should be platform independent.

You can download the API and the API document here (, but the limitation of this one is, that this only works with Windows and CUDA 2.0.

Do You know, if there exists an other version of NVCUVID that works together with linux ?
Or did everybody knows if there is an routemap for porting this API to linux ?
Or exists something else to use this hardware acceleration with linux ?



Is there no expert, who can tell something about NVCUVID ?



I don’t know anything about NVCUVID. Sorry.


Thank you for your answer.

I’ve seen, that there’re two e-Mail addresses of the authors. Is it realistic, that I get an answer from them concerning linux use?
Which is a realistic response time, because I’m sure, that they have to do many other things ?
Which is the best way to find out something about NVCUVID ?

Thanks You very much.