List of icons

Is there a list explaining the different icons that appears in Stage? It would be great to understand what they all mean.
Here are som examples of icons:

image (8)
image (7)

Hello @Jack_Jensen! I wasn’t able to find a list of icons in our documentation so I reached out to our UI and Documentation teams. I will post here once I have more information! Great request, btw!

Hi @Jack_Jensen! Just wanted to give you an update on this. The documentation team is working on an update that will include the stage icons and their meanings. I will post back here when they have had a chance to publish it!

Until then, please have a look at the Type column inside the Stage browser (which you cut off in your screenshot).
That tells what each primitive inside the stage is exactly and that should also make clear what the base icons mean.

The orange arrow on top of an icon means it’s a Reference.
The blue “I” character on top of an icon means it’s Instanceable. (See the check box inside the property window.)

E.g. in your screenshot the mesh primitive named “defaultobject” is under a referenced instanceable Xform, and that’s also why it’s greyed because you cannot edit sub-trees beneath referenced instanceable primitives.

I was also looking for a list that explains the different icons.