Live streaming camlink

hello to all, I have a problem I can’t use the UDP protocol with GSTREAMER, I only managed to stream with the Rtmp protocol and with Vlc I was able to view it, all this within my private network, the string used to stream it is the following

sudo gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device = / dev / video0! videoscale! ‘video / x-raw, width = 1280, height = 720, framerate = 25/1, format = YUY2’! nvvidconv! nvv4l2h264enc preset-level = 4 MeasureEncoderLatency = 1! h264parse! flvmux! rtmpsink sync = false location = ‘rtmp: // 1935 / live / test’

I have verified that it has a delay of 5 seconds.

But doing various researches I read that if I use the UDP protocol the delay is much less but I don’t know how to use it.
also I would like to display it on VLC, can it be done?

a test that I did is the following
gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device = / dev / video0! ‘video / x-raw, format = YUY2’! nvvidconv! ‘video / x-raw (memory: NVMM), width = 640, height = 480’! omxh264enc! h264parse! rtph264pay config-interval = 1! udpsink host = port = 5000

but clearly on VLC it doesn’t work
thanks for your help

Form my experience, UDP is not supported in VLC. You may consider to use RTSP.
Other users can correct me if I am wrong.

I tested the streaming by using GStreamer with the RTSP protocol and I received the live streaming on a mobile device with VLC. Both on my local network.
The system works but I have a delay of 5 seconds.
If I use the UDP protocol instead of RTSP, which software could I use instead of VLC on a mobile device?
Thanks for your help

I think your issue is VLC, not the protocol.

On my NX, I use ustreamer with the following settings…

/usr/local/bin/ustreamer -r 640x480 --static /tmp/ --encoder=HW -m JPEG -d /dev/video0 --host= --port=8080

Motion JPEG is pretty simple but when viewed on my desktop with VLC it’s 5 seconds behind. When viewed on my desktop with a web browser, the delay is not noticeable.