Livestream: Developer Insights on the Impact of OpenUSD and Gen AI [Wed. April 17 @ 11am PDT]

Please join us for our weekly livestream, which features members of the Omniverse team, partners, and special guests from the community. We will discuss the latest OpenUSD and Omniverse announcements, features, and workflows.

In this livestream, Omniverse Ambassador Rafi Nizam shares insights and highlight clips from his compelling interviews at GTC with the NVIDIA team and companies leveraging accelerated computing with OpenUSD, Gen AI, spatial computing, and synthetic data for building the industrial metaverse, digital twins, and virtual production including:

  • Michael Kaplan, Director of Business Development for Media and Entertainment (NVIDIA)
  • Craig Barr, Technical Marketing, Enterprise Platforms (NVIDIA)
  • Michael Geyer - Head of Digital Twins and Industrial Metaverse (NVIDIA)
  • Aaron Luk, Director of Product Management & OpenUSD Ecosystem (NVIDIA)
  • Michael Wagner, Founder (SyncTwin)
  • Chris Andrews (
  • Max Bickley, Product Manager for Omniverse Spatial Framework (NVIDIA)
  • Conrad Curtis, Founder (Virtual Production Partners)
  • Chris Scott, Founder (Evolver Interactive)
  • Jon Lloyd, Founder & CEO (CG Hero, soon to be Hero Inc.)

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