Livestream: Using OpenUSD and Rhino 3D to Develop Custom Toolkits [Wed. March 6 @ 11am PST]

Please join us for our weekly livestream with members from the Omniverse team, partners, and special guests from the community as we dive into the latest OpenUSD and Omniverse announcements, features, and workflows.

ZHA CODE, the research group affiliated with Zaha Hadid Architects, directs its focus towards strategic innovations that connect disciplinary progress to practical applications. Embracing a commitment to futuristic design and drawing insights from local wisdom, the group explores masonry, timber construction, climatic appropriateness, and spatial details.

In this livestream, they will showcase the seamless integration of their parametric design tools and proprietary computational stack with NVIDIA Omniverse and OpenUSD. This collaboration has resulted in streamlined workflows, accelerated iteration cycles, and the development of custom toolkits to enhance collaborative efforts. Join us for a glimpse into the future of computational design during this insightful presentation: AddEvent

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