Livestream: OpenUSD Community Show & Tell [Wed. May 1 @ 11am PDT]

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Please join us for our weekly livestream, which features members of the Omniverse team, partners, and special guests from the community. We will discuss the latest OpenUSD and Omniverse announcements, features, and workflows.

Join us for an exciting livestream where we delve into the innovative uses of OpenUSD! We’ll showcase a groundbreaking Omniverse extension developed by Virtual Production Partners, designed specifically for filmmakers. This tool allows for the seamless finalization of scene requirements while ensuring interoperability with other production tools through the Universal Scheduling Standard. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to hear from special guests Louie Peacock, Stephen Tong (aka FunkyBoy), and Drew Loveridge as they present their projects from the current community challenge, #OpenUSD Challenge. Discover how these developers are pushing the boundaries of virtual production and 3D content creation!

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